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MULTI TRADE INTERNATIONAL manufactures Cylinder Liners in gray cast iron using centrifugal casting. Special chemical compositions are also used to ensure corrosion resistance properties and enhanced lubrication. Centrifugal Casting Process is known to be the best method for manufacturing Cylinder Liners.

In-house manufacturing facilities – Induction Furnace, CNCs, SPMs, Grinding & Honing, allow us to effectively compete on price & keep a close watch on quality.

Our unit have specialized work force and modern machineries and we also have a separate department equipped with engineers to cater to our individual customer requirements.

Material Specification

Product Range

We follow this material specification standard:
  • Centricast Mark 12 (Conforming to BS 4K6)
  • Centricast Mark 15
  • ASTM A 159, G 4000

Chemical Composition

Name Minimum Maximum
Carbon 3.00 3.50
Silicon 1.80 2.50
Phosphorus 0.10
Sulphur 0.15
Manganese 0.70 1.00
Nickel 3.00 3.50
Chromium 3.00 3.50

Micro Structure:

Graphite type : “A’ & “B” (“D” & “E” Random)
Flake Size : 4-6 Microns
Free Ferrite : Less Than 5%
Matrix : Fine Lamellar & Sorbitic Pearlite